I had squirrels in my attic and roof, and hired Alpha animal control because their quote was very reasonable. They were very knowledgeable and came over daily to set traps and move the squirrels until I did not hear them in my attic anymore. I would definitely hire them again and would highly recommended them to anyone with pest problems.

Oliver W.

They were really up front with pricing and they guarantee their work. I have (had) a number of squirrels in my garage tearing things apart. In 4 days they trapped 4 animals and left the traps out to see if any other little buggers were going to take their place. It was $300 flat (plus $10 if you pay with a credit card) to trap as many animals as they need to till the problem is gone. The squirrels had torn holes in my garage flashing so they can also repair the damage and block the holes to make sure no other families get in there and do the same thing. I am writing this while they are still in the trapping phase but they quoted me $49/entry to repair the holes. I have 3 entries that i know of so I am expecting another $150 in repair which I thought was reasonable. Good people all around.

Chris B.

Good work by them. Helped me with my backyard

Sreekanth M.

The skunk family were good subletters - but had to go. Jacob removed them quickly and without fuss.

Michael H.

Both and Jacob have been great about helping me with the skunk that decided he would stack a claim in my wood pile. They explained their process and answered all my questions. And took care of the critter just as hoped. Thanks Alpha Animal Control I will recommend to others.

Tina C.

They are careful with the animals they trap, find a location that is suitable for them that is safe.

Linda C.

These guys are great! Were able to come the same day I called them for a skunk removal! They let me call them daily to give them the play by play of what skunk activity we saw. They were able to get the skunks out in a few days! We're super easy to work with! I would definitely recommend this company for any service they provide. Great customer service!

Amanda L.

Very happy with them!! They did what they said they were going to do. Very nice.

Grace H.

Mel was very professional and had great knowledge when it came to removing these pesky raccoons

Theresa G.

Responded promptly. Clearly explained their services. Seemed very knowledgeable about raccoons and their habits. Sensitive to our concerns about the well being of our unwelcome guests.

Stephen M.

Father and son operation well run and very good communication. I like that they charge a flat rate for skunks. The competition will charge as much as 79$ per extra animal caught.

Julia P.

Professional and responsive.

Linda L.