Aw, Rats - You've Got a Rodent Infestation

Look into preventive rat control services in Westminster, CO

Those beady eyes in your basement might not be your imagination. Rats are often found in basements and cellars at homes in the Westminster, CO area because those spaces are secluded and close to food. If you think you've got rats living in your home, contact Alpha Animal Control for rat control services.

We can...

Set out bait stations to lure rats out of hiding
Trap rats for their safe removal and relocation
Seal entry holes to prevent rats from returning

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How to keep mice out of your home

How to keep mice out of your home

Mice control services in Westminster, CO

You might actually need mice control services if you've found rice-sized droppings in your pantry or spotted short, chubby critters scurrying around.

Once we've provided preventive mice control services, we can revisit your Westminster, CO home weekly or monthly to make sure no creatures are stirring.

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