Get Out and Stay Out!

Squirrel relocation services in Westminster, CO

Squirrels can be a nuisance even when they're outside, from chattering outside your window when you're trying to sleep to digging up your lawn to bury nuts. Just imagine the kind of chaos they can cause indoors. If you're finding out the hard way, contact Alpha Animal Control of Westminster, CO for squirrel relocation services.

We'll return these critters to the wild and repair entry holes to prevent them from coming back into your home. We can also relocate rats and mice.

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Those masked bandits aren't as harmless as they seem

Those masked bandits aren't as harmless as they seem

Raccoon relocation in Westminster, CO

Raccoons might look cute and cuddly in the wild, but they can be menacing if cornered indoors. Plus, they can...

  • Cause severe injuries by attacking in self-defense
  • Tear up your attic when building a nest
  • Transmit rabies
That's why you should never attempt do-it-yourself raccoon relocation. Rely on the pros in Westminster, CO to get rid of these dangerous pests.

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