Did Something Go Bump in the Night?

You might need animal control services in Westminster, CO

At the stroke of midnight, you hear it: the pitter-patter of feet in your attic or the scratching of claws within your walls. The good news is, your house probably isn't haunted. The bad news is that you're dealing with some kind of wildlife infestation. Don't lose another night of sleep - schedule animal control services right away.

Alpha Animal Control provides competitive pricing in the Westminster, CO area. Plus, we charge a flat rate for estimates and repairs. Call 720-643-7228 now to request a quote for animal removal or relocation services.

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Squirrels are among the most common pests in Westminster, CO. They are notorious for digging unsightly and dangerous holes in yards and gardens, but they’re also capable of entering homes through gaps in roofing or siding.

Raccoons are often a nuisance among urban settings. They are notorious for tipping over garbage cans, rifling through trash, tearing up gardens, and creating structural damages. They can also pose a risk to human and pet health because of diseases and bacteria they carry.
Although raccoon prefer to live in forested areas, urban expansions force raccoons and other wildlife to grow accustomed to the presence of humans. As such, raccoons adapt to survive among urban dwellings. In fact, they seem to thrive since there are plenty of options for shelter, food, and water.
If you have a raccoon invading your home or property, it is best to have it removed as soon as possible. The longer you let the raccoon take up space in your home, the more likely you will face expensive damages and potential health risks. Fortunately, our professional can provide you with raccoon trapping to safely remove the animal from your property.
Raccoons are no stranger to most Westminster, CO neighborhoods. These highly adaptable pests raid trash cans and dumpsters for meals and will enter homes if desperate for food. A raccoon near or inside a home or business is dangerous as they will act aggressively if cornered or threatened. They are capable of transmitting deadly diseases through bites, scratches, and scat, including rabies and raccoon roundworm.

Skunks are another common pest found in Westminster, CO yards. Skunks dig holes in lawns looking for insects and access to backyard chicken coops to feed on poultry or eggs.
If a skunk feels threatened, it will try to deter those who get too close with a sticky, foul-smelling spray. The liquid is tough to wash away and can irritate the skin. In Westminster, CO, these pests are common carriers of rabies.

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We worked with Jacob and he was professional, informative, and friendly - overall great to work with. We hired Alpha Animal control for a squirrel nesting in our roof and it took about 2 months to catch them all - total of 8 squirrels. Jacob was great and patient throughout the whole process. Very thankful for them!

Elaine K.

Great prices and even nicer people, they do a fantastic job.

Heather R.

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